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Visar inlägg med etikett Margot Robbie. Visa alla inlägg

måndag 30 juli 2018

Terminal - Gangster Crime film med Margot Robbie börjar säljas 6 Augusti2018.

Jag vill berätta att ni kan beställa nästa film värd att se -Terminal -redan nu från Det är en rekommenderad åldersgräns på 15 år på filmen och den finns tillgänglig från 6 Augusti 2018. Skynda er att skaffa ert alldeles egna exemplar. DVD ca 100 skr, Blu-Ray ca 150 skr.

söndag 6 maj 2018

You find me, Margot Robbie writing in Swedish on Twitter.....

I do not really know how to turn to language sometimes. Certainly, there are more English native speaking people - so maybe everything I write should be written in English, but I'm Swedish, and sometimes I feel a huge need to write on Swedish ... is my page on Twitter aif you want to visit me there. But it is a Swedish page.
Margot Robbies Blog

tisdag 10 april 2018

Hello! Hej!

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I have not written for a while. I am so sorry -but I have placed my uploader to the camera I rather recently bought somewhere, where I can not find it! Hmmm Not good! Otherwise I could have shown you all my recently taken pictures....A3U9DBV8XJ8KB5
So Instead I have this a bit older glamorous picture from a gala/event  I visited -do you know which one? First person commenting with a correct answer to: gets a little prize!
Happy Eastern!/Ale

tisdag 13 mars 2018

A good opportunity to eat tart during diet

For several years I have read Ica's own magazine: Buffe, with lots of amazingly delicious recipes for the most imaginative-rich creations for children-parties, and other great cooking. And sometimes, as in this case, now that my daughter's birthday is approaching a storm, I can not help sharing some of the content of the magazine.

 "Banana and chocolate is a classic dessert combination". Here you can meet two good things in perhaps the world's finest banana and milk chocolate cake. Think of the crisp and fryed muddy bottom, the butter-fried banana and a wonderful smooth and creamy milk chocolate mousse on top of it." Recipe from Buffe No. 2 2016.

It's a true calorie bomb containing just over 800 calories per serving, but at the same time adjust as properly as you sometimes deserve. Maybe 1 time 1 month?
I can not say differently. If you love goodies, you have to get it sometimes, but in reasonable amounts. After such a tart, it's no problem to diet afterwards for at least a week, if you need it-as I do. And when something as importent like my daughters birtday is coming up, it is a great opportunity.

måndag 22 januari 2018

A stubborn long-lasting cold has hit us this Christmas. It's very boring. My daughter, Rebecca, began advent of 1.5 weeks of disease, after which I was infected and have been without voice for 6 weeks - but is now on the road of improvement. Then suddenly Rebecca became ill again. And out, it's as dark, cold and naughty as if you were high up in the mountains. I dream of getting to the Maldives, or Borneo to cure my tired, pale body that looked so much better days. But instead, writing letters of demand for tired disc buyers - which are sluggish in their ability to react. I had hoped to get back this fall, but it never got off.