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tisdag 30 maj 2017

About my voice - and my ability to take singing assignments or participating in other voice compilations.

For those who do not know, I have had to undergo neck surgery a couple of years ago and then have been quiet for a long time. The question many probably have is: How are you doing now and can you sing now?

The answer I want to give is that I feel better than expected because it was uncertain if I could sing after surgery. The neck took a long time to heal for several years. 2017 I will not sing on assignment, 2018, on the other hand, it may be a bit lighter.

I still have a check on my neck left to do, and need to train myself at the vocalist. As well as lose weight after my pregnancy and time home as mother.
I think and hope, however, that it will go. For those who support me as an artist, please give me a positive comment or feedback below.
Negative or bad feedback I would like to decline. Meanwhile, enjoy the newly released "Dream to much" slides by Amy Lee, or "The Ultimate Collection" of Evanescence, or "Something else" of the Cranberries. Additionally, the newly released soundtrack "Speak to me" is available to load from Amazon like the "Love exist" cover by Amy Lee. And "No more Sad Songs" by Little Mix, As well as some older music.If you have questions about music collaboration, please contact me at

During my silence, I have worked with something else. Mostly the production of art as well as web update, and in addition I have studied during a period of cultural geography, language and mathematics as well as medicine and practiced these knowledgeable.