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måndag 22 januari 2018

A stubborn long-lasting cold has hit us this Christmas. It's very boring. My daughter, Rebecca, began advent of 1.5 weeks of disease, after which I was infected and have been without voice for 6 weeks - but is now on the road of improvement. Then suddenly Rebecca became ill again. And out, it's as dark, cold and naughty as if you were high up in the mountains. I dream of getting to the Maldives, or Borneo to cure my tired, pale body that looked so much better days. But instead, writing letters of demand for tired disc buyers - which are sluggish in their ability to react. I had hoped to get back this fall, but it never got off.

lördag 13 januari 2018

Melissa Horn, Next album - A happier album

When I think as "Melissa Horn", it's incredibly easy for me to reconnect to sad events, daring weather, tough relationships and tangled love affairs. The music reminds me of choices in life, people I miss, and I have greater uncertainty than I feel today - 44 years old. Of the material available now there is a melancholic, over many of the songs. I like many of them still - while some feel more passable to me. I reconnect to things that have happened in life, for a while it has been good for me. But it has passed now, and I have put my sadness and wisdom aside. for a while.
Instead, a little Rebecca ended up in my arms almost 12 years ago, with shining beautiful eyes - like a beautifully happy orange sunbreaking lucky figure. She was so cute, when she looked at me with her new-knitted cat-kitty hat from the stroller. I sometimes marvel at how well one can agree with their children and match each other in personality. But that girl makes me almost always happy.

It is important to be able to take the steps from sorrow to hope, joy and expectations for the future. I am born in the communication astro, Capricorn - at the beginning of the year, and for me feelings is often hold back first, to subsequently take express.
Hanna, Kungsholmen hamn, Långa Nätter ,När det äntligen är över, New York, Sen en tid tillbaks, Som jag hade dig förut, Vår sista dans, 
There is a lot to write about,  So I'm thinking about a new album - it would be so fun - but still a lot of work left to do. As far as I can say, though, it will be a much happier album. Time has healed quite a few wounds. But If my voice is not back next week, I must first visit the doctor.:-)