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Payment and Contact

Deliveries to the below address can be left at the backside of the big house,
on the black little house's porch between kl. 05.00 - 23.00.
Please leave an SMS before delivery if possible. 
Or: +46 706 279 472. Businessadress:
Annelie Malena Eriksson
(c/o. J and Eriksson)
Slåttervägen 15, Friggeboden
178 37 Ekerö Sweden (SE)
Or: +46 706 279 472,

When making payments to my account Please indicate "art" of work.
& Please enter the Project name. When paying into my PayPal account
always enter an email I can email specified receipt to.

A-Compositions of Music / Music Album
B-Model Fee
C-Mannequin Fee
D-Design work album
E-design work book
G-Value / Text Work
H-Marketing work-Special function button at the bottom of the page
I-Text composition / Review-Special function button at the bottom of the page
J-Web Work / Web Update - Special function button at the bottom of the page
K-Voice / Audio Work Film
M Bill Payment
N-AWARD's - Special function button at the bottom of the page
O-Song Fees Compilation on other Artists Music album
P-Actor Advertising film fee
Q-Actor Music Video
R-Actor Commercial Film-FIRE Fees
S-Actor Film International
T-Actor Movie National
U-Actor stunt / H-fee
V-Actor stunt / L-fee
X-Actor stunt / M-fee
Y-Actor stunt Damage compensation / H
Z-Actor stunt Damage compensation / L
Å Actor stunt Injury Compensation / M
ZA Product Rental
ÖÖ-Buy / Compensation for product.
ÄÄ-Other art.

Please ask for Bank Statement or Bill
Send request to:

5690 31 101 86
SEB, 106 40 Stockholm

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