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tisdag 13 mars 2018

A good opportunity to eat tart during diet

For several years I have read Ica's own magazine: Buffe, with lots of amazingly delicious recipes for the most imaginative-rich creations for children-parties, and other great cooking. And sometimes, as in this case, now that my daughter's birthday is approaching a storm, I can not help sharing some of the content of the magazine.

 "Banana and chocolate is a classic dessert combination". Here you can meet two good things in perhaps the world's finest banana and milk chocolate cake. Think of the crisp and fryed muddy bottom, the butter-fried banana and a wonderful smooth and creamy milk chocolate mousse on top of it." Recipe from Buffe No. 2 2016.

It's a true calorie bomb containing just over 800 calories per serving, but at the same time adjust as properly as you sometimes deserve. Maybe 1 time 1 month?
I can not say differently. If you love goodies, you have to get it sometimes, but in reasonable amounts. After such a tart, it's no problem to diet afterwards for at least a week, if you need it-as I do. And when something as importent like my daughters birtday is coming up, it is a great opportunity.

lördag 10 mars 2018

I find inspiration in Travelling Sites and youtube when it is to dark in Sweden

Last minute tips from
This winter has been the darkest and most boring winter ever. I have been completely cold for over 3 months. My strength and capacity is worse than anything, and now, when I finally got back my voice after it had disappeared for 6 weeks, it hurt in the whole jaw and my nose ran and tore my lip off the surface. You may excuse me for gnawing, but it feels terrible, and I long for sun and heat and after a cup of good lemon the. The inspiration I find now when it should start to be bright and sunny in the days, but despite - still is dark and cloudy, I find browsing travelling sites and youtube. I place my focus on Barbados. I've been there once, rather long ago....and remember it as a destinations that featured themselves as very special, actually even more dangerous than I thought - but absolutely amazing like sun, rehab and recreational destinations. Incredibly beautiful and tourist-adapted. I'm thinking about, how much has changed there over the past 20 years.
Sista minuten tips aktuella i Mars 2018.
The country is a monarchy with Elizabeth II as queen, and it is located in the #Caribbean. It is quite flat island group located next to St. Lucia, with a higher mountain inland called Mount Hillaby, which rises 336 meters above sea level. The capital is called #Bridgetown and <Barbados> has more than 300,000 inhabitants. In #Barbados flag, the sea god has his wood threats. Weather, January - April is somewhat drier and less windy than other times of the year. Now it's around 25-27 degrees hot on the days. When I visited the island group 20 years ago, I remember that on the issues that were available, would you like to show off the species rich in the wildlife of the island. 2 tour operators who have Barbados as a destination here in Sweden are <Expedia> and <Vingresor>.
Barbados has almost 300 000 inhabitant, and is placed in the Caribbean, next to S:t Lucia.

When I visited the island group 20 years ago, I remember that on the <trips> that existed, you would show off the species wealth of the <island's wildlife>, it was good to dive and swim with sea animals. <Sailing> and other <boat tours> were,  as well as diving courses. There were good opportunities for golf. Then you should not forget that at the nice luxury hotels you usually have excellent opportunities to work out with ex. Personal trainer at the hotel gym - if you travel to <Barbados> on rehab travel. In addition, nature is outstandingly beautiful, and there are escape opportunities to #caves and #flowering gardens. And that the solar heat in <Barbados> is usually constant.

tisdag 6 mars 2018 - Sfinx form och produktion 740109-0282: The modern age of information

7401090282-21, A2GXEZU8OUKIBG-20, A2GXEZU8OUKIBG-21 - Sfinx form och produktion 740109-0282: The modern age of information: We sit by our computers and manage our blogs, read news, socialize us, chat, react, date and do vlogs, play, read, listen to youtube etc ....