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torsdag 22 februari 2018

Sfinx form och produktion 740109-0282: Multiple artistnames on one and the same artist.

Sfinx form och produktion 740109-0282: Multiple artistnames on one and the same artist.: As actress Margot Robbie. Since I started blogging, I increasingly think that the boundary between truth and lies on ...

"Multiple artistnames on one and the same artist".

As actress Margot Robbie.

Since I started "blogging", I increasingly think that the "boundary between truth and lies" on the internet is changing ever more to become extremely wrong.

It is difficult to actually <search for information in order to find information that you know is correct on internet>. In addition, and above all, it's about a lot of old events as if it were news. It presents and reveals things about world events, news, facts, etc. as well as publishing photos on people which is old pictures. But they does not write much about it. I do it myself about some things - you must do it sometimes to protect your family, your privacy and your children. However, it is a little long time to wait 10-20 years for pre-recorded material to be released.

Private photo.
Classic rock singer in Evanescence.

At the same time, of course, the material remains, although it is often released significantly later than it is recorded.
But the picture of reality is usually a little skew when one day see a fiery celebrity on the picture in the press one day - and then see the same person, without makeup and with a sloppy haircut. For example, the local grocery store 20 years older and 40 kilos thicker than in the movie, or in the picture, released the year before.

Another example is the stories I read about who I am with etc., which might be true 10-15 years ago, or are completely perceived. I can say this - I've been alone for a long time (12 years) since 2006, and I'm still amazed at the stories in press that write about who I'm married to or have a relationship with. I beg you to finish it now.
Artist names with fictional family history stories are found on, or fired by, security officers who have the task of protecting public persons, as well as their private families, and especially their children. But somewhere, the truth will come - and you have just read.
Artistname: Melissa Horn
During some incredibly intense recording years of movies and music where multiple artist names were used on me, I went under protected identity. Unfortunately, it was needed. But Kirsten Stewart or Margot Robbie - well, sometimes it's easier to divide rights between companies like that.
Fergie or Veronica Maggio, "I'm the same person regardless of artist name. Rebecca Black or Veronica Maggio, different genres, different languages ​​and different styles explain a lot.
Artistname: Rebecca Black popsinger.
90% of previous rumors about who I've been married to or are married to are fake. 80% of the rumors about who I've been engaged to are fake, 70% of the rumors about who I've been with are fictional, and 60% of things I said about where I lived during my upbringing, or what siblings I had or have, are wrongly placed for safety reasons.
During 5 years, I was exposed to more than 50 assaults - and my family was also exposed to at least as many cases - which made it necessary to lie about such things - for safety reasons.
It is not uncommon for many artists, actors and models as well as other famous people to be so. It spoils a lot. It is extremely difficult./Sfinx form och produktion-2018/Ale.

tisdag 30 maj 2017

About my voice - and my ability to take singing assignments or participating in other voice compilations.

For those who do not know, I have had to undergo neck surgery a couple of years ago and then have been quiet for a long time. The question many probably have is: How are you doing now and can you sing now?

The answer I want to give is that I feel better than expected because it was uncertain if I could sing after surgery. The neck took a long time to heal for several years. 2017 I will not sing on assignment, 2018, on the other hand, it may be a bit lighter.

I still have a check on my neck left to do, and need to train myself at the vocalist. As well as lose weight after my pregnancy and time home as mother.
I think and hope, however, that it will go. For those who support me as an artist, please give me a positive comment or feedback below.
Negative or bad feedback I would like to decline. Meanwhile, enjoy the newly released "Dream to much" slides by Amy Lee, or "The Ultimate Collection" of Evanescence, or "Something else" of the Cranberries. Additionally, the newly released soundtrack "Speak to me" is available to load from Amazon like the "Love exist" cover by Amy Lee. And "No more Sad Songs" by Little Mix, As well as some older music.If you have questions about music collaboration, please contact me at

During my silence, I have worked with something else. Mostly the production of art as well as web update, and in addition I have studied during a period of cultural geography, language and mathematics as well as medicine and practiced these knowledgeable.

tisdag 3 januari 2017

I think we made a strong children's album: Dream to much by Amy Lee

As an artist, I wanted to create a disc to love and remember, both for children and adults. For me, the songs in the album associate with confidence, leklust, creativity, security and joy. I want to communicate, I want to communicate through my music. I want to see children digging and like.I myself think we have created a strong children's album in English, unlike all the Swedish children's albums that are on the market. Children start at school earlier now, in Sweden, than when I was small, so I think that the English should be in the younger children's habitat.We Swedes live and live in a small country, and being able to speak the English language - both speaking, reading and writing - becomes more important and more important. When I came with my - for Swedes On average - quite good English skills - according to myself, to the British music academy songwriters and song teachers, they almost laughed at me. Even though they did it quite a nice way, because they were used to receiving foreign musicians. And I laughed with them and thought I did quite well. Though I realized when I put up with legal papers and music contracts, a little later - how much better I had managed if I had been better in English.A few years later, I was severely skulled after being overtaken and abused and trying to recover the knowledge in the brain's memory banks. How much easier it was if the English language came into my life earlier, I thought when I was struggling to recreate my human memory bank, and to read and recall the English words as an adult. I would have been happy if, as a child, I had been able to learn English for a much younger year, naturally and playfully in the nursery environment. The songs we sang were in Swedish all the way up to the age of 10. Since learning ability in childhood is purely magical, and should be used better, my music album works very well as a playful teaching component supplement for the younger children. My new album Dream to much is in English, and I sing along with some I playfully called "parts of my musician family", even though my normal family reunion is different. Like my real and legal name is other than Amy Lee *The musical album Dream to much can be bought digitally at Amazon's all online stores, and as a CD album on

Som artist, ville jag skapa en skiva att älska och minnas, både för barn och vuxna. För mig associerar låtarna i albumet till förtroende, leklust, kreativitet, trygghet och glädje. Jag vill ut, jag vill kommunicera genom min musik. Jag vill se barn digga och gilla. 

Själv tycker jag att vi skapat ett starkt barnalbum på engelska, till skillnad mot alla de svenska barnalbum som finns ute på marknaden. Barn börjar i skolan tidigare nu, i Sverige, än när jag var liten, därför tycker jag att inslagen av engelska borde finnas redan i de yngre barnens livsmiljö. 

Vi Svenskar bor och lever i ett litet land, och att kunna det engelska språket - både att tala, läsa och skriva - blir bara viktigare och viktigare. När jag kom med mina - för svenskar I genomsnitt - ganska goda kunskaper i engelska - enligt mig själv, till den brittiska musikakademins låtskrivare och sångpedagoger, skrattade de nästan åt mig. Även om de gjorde det på ett ganska snällt sätt, eftersom de var vana att ta emot utländska musiker. Och jag skrattade med dem och tyckte att jag klarade mig ganska bra.  Fast jag insåg när jag väl satt med juridiska papper och musik kontrakt, lite senare - hur mycket bättre jag hade klarat mig om jag varit bättre på engelska.

Några år senare satt jag kraftigt skallskadad, efter att jag blivit överfallen och misshandlad, och skulle försöka återskaffa kunskaperna i hjärnans minnesbanker. Så mycket lättare det varit om det engelska språket kommit tidigare in i mitt liv tänkte jag när jag kämpade med att återskapa min mänskliga minnesbank, och att på nytt läsa in och minnas de engelska glosorna som vuxen. Jag hade varit glad om jag som barn hade naturligt kunnat lära in engelskan i betydligt yngre år, gärna naturligt och lekfullt i barnkammarmiljö. Sångerna vi sjöng var på svenska ända upp i 10 års åldern. Eftersom inlärningsförmågan i barnåren är rent magisk, och borde tas tillvara bättre, fungerar mitt musikalbum mycket väl som lekfullt läromedelskomplement för de yngre barnen. Mitt nya album Dream to much är på engelska, och jag sjunger tillsammans med några jag lekfullt kallat "delar av min musikerfamilj", även om min normala familjekonstallation är en annan. Liksom mitt riktiga och juridiska namn är annat än Amy Lee*

Musikalbumet Dream to much går att köpa digitalt på Amazon:s alla webbutiker, och som CD-album på