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tisdag 29 maj 2018


Kommunikation kan vara så oerhört viktigt, att det ibland kan kännas som att ens budskap tappar en del när det översätts till ett annat språk - därför övergår jag till att skriva min blogg på svenska.
I from now on will write my blog in Swedish, 2018-May.

torsdag 10 maj 2018

The pool was opened from its winter fall and I dusted it in the afternoon - after being invited for a delicious lunch "Pork fillet with parsley sauce, potatoes and beans" It tasted really good. The sun is shining and the weather is sunny and nice.

söndag 6 maj 2018

You find me, Margot Robbie writing in Swedish on Twitter.....

I do not really know how to turn to language sometimes. Certainly, there are more English native speaking people - so maybe everything I write should be written in English, but I'm Swedish, and sometimes I feel a huge need to write on Swedish ... is my page on Twitter aif you want to visit me there. But it is a Swedish page.
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